Taking the copy out of copywriting

Why copy is called copy I’ll never really know. Maybe it’s because when you read brand information a lot of it feels like the same list of buzzwords rolled out over and over and often having no relevance to the brand.

In a world where information surrounds us, it can be difficult to get your brand to stand out from the crowd. You need copy that is fresh, that is personal to your brand, and that connects you to your customer. I know what works and what doesn’t.


Your voice, my words

My intention when working with you is to transfer your thoughts and feelings into marketing material. I want your brand to speak for itself, to stand unique amongst carbon copies and to capture your client’s imagination.

I can provide copy in whatever voice you need to suit your brand (though Klingon is too lacking in emotion for my liking) and will work with you to decide what that voice needs to be.

Whether meandering prose or punchy headings the unicorn magic will help your brand to stand out and most importantly to represent you to your customers.


Hit woman

It’s not just about writing pretty words either (as much as I do love pretty words, discombobulated, mmmm); good web copy is about getting traffic to your site and a good copywriter will pepper keywords around with the perfection of a Michelin starred chef.

I understand SEO (search engine optimisation) and can weave high ranking words and phrases through your copy to make sure that the people looking for a business like yours find your business first.

As a copywriter (well, as a writer generally) I want my words to be read, and so I produce not only top notch copy but copy that I know will rank highly and be read by many.

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