Digital PR sounds like a super invasive medical procedure. It’s not, I’m definitely not qualified for that, it’s actually simply about getting to know your customer inside out and creating content that they’d love. I definitely am qualified for that.


Target audience

It’s no good creating bright, modern content that really appeals to Ben, 27 from Shoreditch if your product is something much more likely to be used by Jean, 56 from Penge.

I will research the market and find out who it is we are targeting. Not just knowing that Ben likes beard oil that smells like the salty sea air or that Jean is wooed by a silver fox, I will discover the websites your market are hitting, what press they tend to look at and I can target the content for your business to slot right in.


Hook a duck

Well, maybe not a duck but definitely an audience for your business. By looking at what is trending, what seasonal dates are coming up and how these things can be woven into content for your brand I can produce unique content to reel in more custom to your site.


Blogger Outreach

There are other ways of getting people to know what you are offering other than just hoping they’ll stumble across your site (though obviously with my SEO skills we’ll get a stampede, not a stumble).

Blogging is huge in the 21st century and often people will check what their favourite blogger is saying about a product or a service before deciding where to go to for it. I can reach out to bloggers and journalists in your niche and work with them to create a buzz around what you have to offer.


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