Awesome Ways To Promote & Market Your Business Online

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January 5, 2017

Awesome Ways To Promote & Market Your Business Online

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Blogger outreach, competitions, social media giveaways, events… These are all tried and tested techniques that can help you successfully promote and market your business online.

If you’re running your own business chances are you’ve got a marketing strategy.

Maybe that strategy involves keeping your website’s blog up to date; maybe you post on social media every day; maybe you even run the odd ad or two in trade mags or local papers, all these things are great marketing techniques but there is always more to be done!

Over at Exposure Ninja (my other virtual workplace), I spend 100% of my time helping my clients grow their businesses online, so we decided to make an infographic about some of the ways we do it (including some statistics to illustrate why we use these techniques).

Check ’em out and see if there’s anything on there that you think might be worth adding into your marketing plan…

An infographic showing 6 Ways To Promote Your eCommerce Business Like A Pro

The eCommerce Marketing: 6 Ways To Promote Your eCommerce Business Like A Pro infographic was brought to you by the team at Exposure Ninja.


Bloggers are great allies for promoting your business

You may have noticed that blogger outreach is numero uno on this list and there’s a reason for that.

Yes, PPC and Adwords are a surefire way for you to get noticed, and quickly, but PPC ads cost money and depending on how competitive your keywords are the amount might be more that you can afford in order to beat out the competition.

Engaging with bloggers in your business niche is quick, simple and can work out way more cost effective.

If you’ve got an awesome product(s) or service(s) that you want to promote, then reaching out to bloggers is a great way to get yourself noticed and will also help to start building up some brand trust.

You can work with bloggers in lots of different ways, but product reviews and giveaways are probably the easiest and most straightforward.

The idea is that you send product samples to the blogger for them to keep, or provide a free trial or session, and in return, they would review the product or service and complete a write-up on their blog.

You get a link back to your website, which is great for SEO, and you also get coverage and exposure for your business. Plus, if the blogger has a great experience with you and likes the product, you’ve won yourself a customer.

Bloggers that genuinely like your product will come back and purchase from you in the future, and, as an added bonus, they’ll continue to promote your products and/or services to their audience across their platforms on an ongoing basis.


Grow your audience with blogger competitions and giveaways

Running a competition or giveaway with a blogger is much the same as setting up a review.

Again you would provide samples or access to your services for the blogger, but then you would also provide a duplicate product or service access as a giveaway prize.

Running giveaways with influential bloggers is a great way to supercharge your social media following, and fast!

Most bloggers use giveaway widgets like Rafflecopter or Gleam to run their competitions and the beauty of these widgets is that you can choose lots of different entry options for the participants.

Standard entry options for blogger giveaways tend to be to carry out an action on social media like following an account, visiting a page or tweeting a pre-authorised message. Each of these actions will hold an entry value, therefore the more actions the participant takes, the more entries they will build up for that giveaway.

If every person that enters your blogger competition is given the option to follow your business on twitter in return for an extra entry, the majority of entrants will do it. I’ve run giveaways that have doubled my clients’ social media followings in just 2 weeks, not to mention astounding increases in website traffic and significant boosts to keyword rankings on google — that’s how effective these competitions can be.

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