You’ve got mail!

Email is the best way to instantly connect with your client base. It’s cheaper than direct mailing and it’s more immediate.

In the age of the smartphone, we can ping marketing information straight into the pockets of the people that you want to attract. Want to hold a three-hour flash sale? Bam! Email marketing can do that.

There is a fine line, however, between sending content that is welcomed and engages the customer and sending content that will go straight into spam. To be effective email marketing needs to fit your audience, it needs to have value for them and not be overused.

I have extensive knowledge of digital marketing strategies, I will get to know your market and what works for them and what will turn your content into a sad tin of pink meat. No one likes Spam, especially not if it’s shoved in their pockets!


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In an age of instant information, we want to be kept up to date with things that we like.

Producing newsletters on current promotions or seasonal services is a way of showing your customer what they need before they even realise that they need it. I’m not talking Creme Eggs on Boxing Day (as we all know the annual outrage that causes) but highlighting promotions in good time and to the clients who are likely to engage.

Managing newsletters is about keeping a good customer database so you can target your marketing to the right folk, as well as producing snappy and engaging content that will make your company stand out in a sea of information.

UnicornThesaurus can help to manage and produce your newsletters, promotional emails, in fact, all of your digital marketing needs. I’ll help you to send the right content, to the right people, at the right time and avoid the Creme Egg type rage!


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