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Many small businesses and freelancers consider marketing to be a dirty word — in a world of sponsored posts and intrusive algorithms we’re constantly being bombarded with corporate and commercial advertising so it’s not difficult to see why.

Add to that the fact that ‘selling ourselves’ is something that doesn’t often come naturally, especially to those of us who feel our product or service should speak for itself, and you may find that your marketing strategy has fallen by the wayside. Plus we often feel that there’s a very fine line between positive self-promotion and arrogance, which we tread mightily precociously or just avoid for fear of falling on the wrong side!

It’s a sad fact, however, that as awesome as a service may be people do need to know about it in order for it to sell itself and that’s where marketing becomes a necessity.


Honest, transparent & personal marketing

That word ‘marketing’ still making you shudder?

Remember that marketing doesn’t have to be sleazy or ‘black hat‘. It’s merely a case of you reaching out to the people that you believe you can help.

Good digital marketing is honest, transparent and most importantly has a face — your face.

People buy from people and that’s why your marketing should focus on what makes you different from everyone else and should carry your voice.

My role in all of this is to find your voice, to transfer your passion and philosophy into a marketing campaign that will feel as if you have written it. My job is to understand you, understand your clients and to bring the two of you together like a windswept kiss in a Daphne DuMaurier novel or like uncooked cookie dough and a comfy spot on the sofa with a spoon!

From digital PR, outreach campaigns and social media, to more traditional email marketing, newsletters and events — I can help you find your brand voice and put together a tailored marketing campaign that will see your business flourish.


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